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The Perfect Resume Webinar

Attention students, graduates, people currently unemployed or those looking for the next opportunity!!!

Do you want your resume to stand out from the crowd but can't afford (or prefer not to pay) a Professional Resume Writer to craft the Perfect Resume for you? If your answer is yes! The How To Write Your Own Perfect Resume two-hour webinar has been released especially for you!

Perhaps you are looking for your first job, or you're a professional who has a resume but need to align it with modern-day standards. This webinar has everything you need. 

In the How To Write Your Own Perfect Resume two-hour webinar, you'll discover: 

  • What information to include in your resume (and what to leave out!)
  • How to use formal language
  • What the applicant tracking system (ATS) is and how to get your resume in front of a human on the other side.
  • How to craft your bullet points using achievement oriented language. 
  • How to reduce recruiter bias by covering up age, career gaps etc. 
  • How to write an impressive executive summary or profile statement that gives the recruiter and hiring manager a real sense of who you are as a person. 
  • How to craft your perfect cover letter tailored to the position.
  • How to find the SEO keywords you need to add to your cover letter and resume to rank highly.
Not only do you get two hours of expert advice from the Founder of The Perfect Resume valued at $240 you also get to take advantage of the following:
  • A free premium template from The Perfect Resume gallery valued at $50
  • A free review of your resume and cover letter prior to the session so you know exactly what you need to improve.
  • Insider tips you can use to impress your next employer within six seconds.
  • 10 career summary examples that you can use to inspire you.
  • A comprehensive skills list of over 1000+ technical, management, business, communication and life skills you can use on your resume. 
  • 100+ power verbs to start each of your bullet points with a punch!
  • Proofreading trade secrets to ensure your resume has perfect grammar!

When it comes to writing The Perfect Resume, there is a myriad of misinformation online. We have heard some horror stories of people paying $800+ for a resume that still doesn't get them a job. We have had several clients coming through from well-known platforms including Airtasker to say an imposter charged them $80 to give them a resume riddled with grammatical errors due to English being their second language. Another client was charged $200 for their existing resume to be copied and pasted onto a new template with no content changes. Many books, blogs and forums contain out-of-date, biased or poor advice.

You can try your luck elsewhere OR you can sign up for the How To Write Your Own Perfect Resume two-hour webinar which walks through the whole process used by professional resume writers daily. A process that increases your chances of landing an interview from 2% to 73% within six months! 

Why not take the next step in your career right now? The Perfect Resume might be the most important thing that you ever write!

There are only 10 spots available! Secure your seat today so you don't miss out!