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Resume Review

What can you expect from a professional resume writer?

Would you like more money to spend, more opportunities for career advancement, and a sense of accomplishment? How about a better work/life balance? If you answered, YES! Then you are in the right spot! 

Welcome to The Perfect Resume Team!

I know where you are're thinking, is my resume even good enough? Why do I keep getting rejected for jobs? How do I even start to make my resume look better? Relax, take a breath and keep reading.

I totally understand your frustrations, because I have helped thousands of people who are in the same unemployed situation or in a role they dislike. I also know that you have already spent a long time creating your own resume, but despite your constant efforts, the CV you have put together has not resulted into a job you really want.

This is why I offer a free resume review.

Why having an expert look over your resume is important

Let's discuss what you can expect from a professional resume review, specifically about ATS compliance, language optimisations and recruiter bias.

Many people miss out on opportunities they are clearly qualified for because of simple mistakes. Especially, the 3 reasons below:

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Non-compliance

As part of the free resume review, I will parse your resume through a popular ATS to check if your contact details, education section and work experience filter through as expected. If it doesn't, I will let you know.

Language Issues

I have access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) which I can use to complete a comprehensive check of not just your spelling and grammar but a range of other language preferences, such as:
  • Use of transition words for clarity to improve paragraph flow
  • Avoidance of biased languages, such as passive voice, personal pronouns, and long, hard-to-read sentences to name a few
More importantly, I will provide feedback on how engaging, interesting, and relevant your career history is compared to other candidates. Aka your competitors!

Recruiter Biases

Hiring managers and recruiters may be put at risk for discrimination if they tell you the feedback I will be transparent about. However, I can be completely honest with you because I'm not handing over an employment contract. Instead, I will give you the hard truths about age, gender, under qualification, overqualification, and various other unconscious biases that may be affecting your job application outcomes.


What you need to know about the free resume review

It's a free offer. Yes, absolutely free. There are no hoops to jump through, no credit card required. All you have to do is upload your resume in the form below, then wait for your personalised feedback to land in your inbox within 1 business day.

The value of a professional resume writing service

If you haven't uploaded your resume above for a free resume review, I'm guessing you would like to read on to learn a little more about the services that I do offer. While the resume review is 100% free, I can help with services that will increase your chances of securing an interview, such as a professionally written resume, cover letter writing services, and help with addressing selection criteria. I can also provide a semi-tailored cover letter and LinkedIn profile too!

Who am I?

Debbie Walsh

Professional Resume Writer/Proof Reader

Equipped with a bachelor's degree and expertise spanning corporate, small business, administration and accounting domains, I have developed my skills in both New Zealand and Australian environments, even excelling in my career as a Conference Sales Executive with an international hotel group.

My interpersonal and communication talents shine through with a deep desire to help others build confidence and believe in themselves. I have applied them in my role as a Professional Resume Writer to connect the potential employer with your unique magnificence. Since becoming an experienced resume writer with the TPR team, I have successfully contributed to thousands of job applicants reaching interviews, by writing achievement-orientated resumes for entry-level to senior positions. I have also received 5-star feedback about my resume service.


My resume writing services are for anyone who is struggling to secure an interview.

Judging by the emails rolling into my inbox every week, I can let you know you are not alone in your struggles! Students and executives alike are all facing the same issues. They are not sure which key skills they need to include, and they apply for jobs only to hear nothing back, or worse, receive rejection emails.

Don't worry, I can help! However, let me be straight with you.

The #1 reason why most job seekers can’t secure an interview is that they are not selling themselves enough in their resumes.

Does that sound familiar? 

Maybe you find it difficult to write about yourself in a way that shows what you have achieved, instead of listing the tasks you do every day. Maybe creative writing is not a strength of yours. Perhaps, you just don't know what to write.

That's OK! Because I do know what to write and I have a creative flair when it comes to using the English language!

That’s where a resume writing service and professional resume writers come in. 

Instead of putting your career goals on hold, let me help you impress recruiters. Instead of being frustrated because you can't find the right words to convey your relevant skills, allow me to give you the career advice you need.

You need a resume that doesn't give you a constant flow of rejections, instead, it places you straight to the top of the pile.

"I received a call less than 10 minutes after I submitted the resume to the employer and today, I have been offered the job!" Pouvaisha from Melbourne, VIC

In other words, it helps to have a professional career expert on your side who knows the tricks of the trade - to ensure you are the candidate the employer is excited to interview. That's a recruiter bias you absolutely want to tap into! It's called the 'Halo Effect' and my resumes help you achieve this!

Resume Writing Service Example

One of my clients, Marie, was feeling a little hopeless. She had been out of work for a few months and the job search was not going as she had planned. She had applied for dozens of jobs but hadn't received a single call back for an interview.

Just like you, she had decided to upload her current resume for a free resume review. Within 1 business day, I went about my day to share my insights.

After I uploaded her existing resume into the ATS, I immediately identified that her surname and phone number was not being extracted correctly. These are both mandatory fields in almost all employers' applicant tracking systems. The email did enter the database; therefore, therefore, when Marie applied for a job in Seek or LinkedIn, the robot had an email address to send the automatic scheduled rejection, exactly 2 days later.

I also highlighted writing style tips to give her a competitive edge, such as the importance of including relevant information only and making sure her achievements stood out. I also let her know that we really wanted to avoid position description-type information because that is what 96% of other candidates include in their resumes too.

When Marie booked in her resume services package, she said the review was so helpful and everything immediately made sense to her. Over the next 3 days, we firmed up her career objectives, professional skills, and set about gathering relevant evidence to add credibility to her experience. With just one revision, she had an interview-ready resume to start applying with. She started applying for jobs that were a better fit for her skills and within 2 weeks, she had received a phone call from her dream company's Human Resources team. She had successfully secured an interview!

You don't have to worry about the application/rejection cycle anymore!

Imagine walking into your dream job, with decent pay and a team you enjoy working with... 

I can help you get there.

Best of all, you’re getting this resume review absolutely free.  

My feedback is priceless and you can choose to implement the changes yourself without any strings attached... however, if you would like me, your creative professional resume writer to craft a career story pitch that will secure you interviews, I have a bespoke solution for you.

A premium resume writing service, tailored to suit your needs!

I have two packages available:


In Package #1, I deliver a highly professional resume and tailor a cover letter with all the correct keywords. I make sure your resume is applicant tracking system compliant, stands out from others and sells all your qualities. On completion of the service, you will have a resume that you are proud to pull out of a portfolio at job interviews. This package is perfect for entry-level job seekers.


If you opt for Package 2, I will help you tap into a hidden job market. This professional service includes a rewrite of your resume, two tailored cover letters or selection criteria, and a dream job ready LinkedIn profile. This will make sure that you show up on recruiters' radars without ever having to apply for a job! This package is excellent for senior managers or if you are applying for government positions.

So, are you ready to get your resume written by the only resume writing service in Australia that is award-winning for excellent customer service? Are you ready to start getting better results throughout the entire recruitment process? Are you ready to take your career to a new level?


Excellent! Please upload your resume into the form below and we can get started!

Alternatively, if you know you need your resume updated and you're proactive, results-driven and ready to get started, please select the package that best suits your needs from below. Once the payment comes through, I can send you a checklist of everything I need to start making you sound AMAZING!



If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Yours Sincerely

Debbie Walsh

P.S. Everyone who’s engaged in the resume writing process boasts about how much more confident they are! Which is telling me a free resume review is a pretty great offer! They also tell me I shouldn't give away my tips for free. However, I'm generous and genuinely care about you achieving your career goals. So, I look forward to hearing from you and helping you secure your next interview.