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The Perfect Resume - Resume Writing Services

Are you applying for jobs and receiving nothing but rejection replies, or worse...nothing at all? It's time you consider The Perfect Resume - Resume Writing Services

Unfortunately, the human element has been removed from many organisations when it comes to recruitment. Before your resume even sees a human's pair of eyes, it is submitted to a computer system. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS), whereby it is scanned for keywords and marked for its suitability. 

Gone are the days where people had success writing their own resumes and cover letters. Today, there is a technical element. There are actually certificates in writing resumes! 

The companies leading edge, sophisticated software scans your documents and unless your application is set out correctly, your effort in creating a tailored cover letter and spending hours writing up your skills and expertise is wasted. 

How do you get the interview today? A Professional Resume Writer from The Perfect Resume can get your resume in front of human eyes. Past the robot, and into the shortlisted pile. 

How do resume writing services benefit you? 

  1. We review your resume and cover letter against the jobs you are looking to apply for. We then identify areas where you can improve your chances. These areas may include grammar, spelling, syntax, design, format, readability, length etc. 
  2. We identify your skills, talents and strengths and articulate them in an engaging manner. 
  3. We create a resume that passes the six-second scanning test.

What is the six-second resume scanning test? 

Once you get through the gates of the Applicant Tracking System, your resume reaches the recruitment coordinator. They give your resume about six seconds to make sure you have the skills, education and qualities they are looking for. 

Our graphically designed resumes stand your resume out from the crowd of black and white and instantly grab the recruiters attention. This gives you more than six seconds and a better chance of being shortlisted. 

Why doesn't everyone use Resume Writing Services?

It's an industry secret. Many people do. You just need to put "resume writing services" into a Google and hundreds of companies come up. People don't advertise they use a Professional Resume Writer however, we cater for hundreds of people every month who do, and they are getting the positions you want!

Does this sound like you?

"I am a new graduate, and I'm struggling to get noticed" - Sharon 

"It's time to update my resume, however, I feel like it is a waste of time because I'm not successful anyway" - Alex

"I'm going for a senior leadership position and my resume looks terrible!" - Katherine

We can help! We help people like you every day. Would you like a free resume review? Enter your details below and a Professional Resume Writer will send you the next steps. 


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