Did you know you have six seconds for your resume to impress your next employer?

Interview Preparation | Career Coach

Are you in the top 3% of candidates that have been invited to attend an interview? Firstly, congratulations!!! Secondly, you still have one hurdle to jump before the job is yours. Interview preparation is critical to land the job. 

Do you have any of these questions?

  1. What should I wear to the interview?
  2. How do I prepare for the phone interview?
  3. How do I prepare for a video interview?
  4. What are some common interview questions?
  5. How should I answer behavioural interview questions?
  6. What questions should I ask throughout or at the end of an interview?
  7. How do I know if they are interested in what I am saying?
  8. Should I send a thank you email?
  9. I'm having a second interview? What should I expect?
  10. How do I reduce my nerves at the interview?

The answers to these questions can be different for everyone. Some are more confident than others. Some people need a bit more help! A 60-minute interview preparation session has proven to give candidates the edge they need. 

If you would like to book a session. Simply put your order through and a career counsellor will give you a call!

Interview Preparation | Career Coach

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