Boost YOUR Interview Rate via LinkedIn with 3 Easy Steps

Boost YOUR Interview Rate via LinkedIn with 3 Easy Steps


If you've ever wanted to successfully get multiple job interviews in days – not weeks or even months – you're reading the correct blog post. You’re about to discover The Perfect Resume team's 3-step method to immediately get noticed and receive more replies on LinkedIn. The good news is, that this method is effective if you are a platform novice on a job hunt or an executive looking for your next challenge. So, learn, then EARN from these tips given by the team's professional resume writers and experienced career coaches! Read on!

The Top-3 mistakes people do on LinkedIn and how to avoid them

I’ll be honest with you, when I first started engaging with people on LinkedIn, I made many mistakes. However, I knew I wasn’t alone. I refused to give up, so I invested in courses and worked for a recruiter. Now, I have the insider scoop for you and others to attract more relevant visits to the profile.  

1. Sending everyone a request

LinkedIn is not a numbers game; it is a quality one. Therefore, it is unwise to throw away your 150 connections per week on connecting with people we may have nothing in common. Remember, we want quality over quantity, so connecting with hiring managers and recruiters will ensure you are using your weekly connection limit wisely and set your career up not only for now but also for the future.

2. Asking for a connection request without adding a note

Would you walk up to a stranger at a bar and say let’s go back to my hotel room? Or, would you introduce yourself? Give them information about why it would be worthwhile to get to know you a bit. Then, if the meeting goes well, ask them back to your hotel room? Dating topics aside, when you need to make a connection to get a new job, make your every move count! It is always better to put in the effort, even when sending an invite to other professionals. You may send a short but sweet message about why you want to have them in your network. By doing this, you can also boost and welcome more visitors to your LinkedIn profile.

3. Avoiding engagement

You may be wondering, "after connecting with a professional, what then?" Now is the perfect time to attract more eyes by being an active member. So, don't be afraid to like or even comment on other people's LinkedIn posts. This little deed can end up helping you hear the sweet words "YOU ARE HIRED."

Step 1: Create & Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

Many new people to LinkedIn don't realise their profile needs be optimised BEFORE they can start building a profitable network. To ensure you make a professional impression on the biggest business-oriented networking website, you need to showcase who you are – your very own brand!

You'll find this part of the process goes much more smoothly if you apply these tips and tricks:

  • Use a professional profile photo: Did you know a professional image can boost your profile visits and clicks by 21 times? To top that, a presentable profile picture can uplift your connection requests by 9 times more! Therefore, when doing this step, take the time to ensure that you look sharp yet inviting – how? Through your "I am THE ONE" smile.
  • Highlight your relevant skills: This virtual space is the best place to display your key strengths. To reach an All-star status, you need to have at least 5 skills on your LinkedIn profile. Why did LinkedIn choose 5 and not 10, 15 or 50? According to statistics, members with 5+ skills listed in their profile receive 33x more messages from recruiters and 17x more profile views.
  • Go for a catchy headline: Maximise this space by telling your profile visitors what you can contribute. Like your name, your LinkedIn headline will be one of the first noticed areas of your profile. In addition, this section MUST contain industry-relevant keywords to move you towards the top of the recruiter’s searches. Wink Wink!

Step 2: Network to Achieve Your Career Goals

 LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals in your field, exchange ideas, and find new opportunities. LinkedIn also provides a platform for you to showcase your skills and experience. By creating a strong LinkedIn profile and building relevant connections, you can take your career to the next level, increase your take home pay and find jobs that have not been publicly advertised yet. 

Step 3: Unlock Your Career Growth Through Consistency

After completing steps 1 & 2, you will gain traction. Staying active and consistent on LinkedIn can help you create opportunities for yourself and develop a professional network that will support your career goals. Make sure to post high quality images and engaging updates that are relevant and interesting to your target audience. After you post your content, take the time to engage with other users by commenting on their posts and joining LinkedIn groups. Although it takes effort to maintain a strong LinkedIn presence, the payoff can be great in terms of career growth. So if you're serious about taking your career to the next level, make LinkedIn a priority.

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Here’s a case study to demonstrate these methods work!

I still remember the triumph the team and I felt when Vivian, one of our loyal, long term clients, shared the news that she secured her dream job via LinkedIn!

During the pandemic, Vivian was forced to vacate the position she had protected for 5+ years.

How do you let go of something you have been guarding and loving? With this highly challenging dilemma, Vivian wished for a miracle and sought help.

Luckily, she found The Perfect Resume team. After she purchased Package #1, we set about crafting her strategic job search toolkit, including a:

  • Resume
  • Tailored Cover Letter
  • Various eBooks and resources to give her the competitive edge over other candidates.

Our collaboration did not stop there.

Once she saw her achievements on paper for the first time, Vivian decided to try her luck within the virtual space. With the help of our team, Vivian had her fingertips on an optimised LinkedIn account.

"After receiving your help with my LinkedIn account, I decided to help myself," she mentioned in her email. “For days, I consistently engaged with professionals, updated my skills and achievements, and searched for the right networks and jobs," she added.
"I received an email from one of my target companies. They were interested in meeting me for an interview after seeing my LinkedIn profile! I want to share the news that I went through the interview process and finally got the job!" Vivian


That’s it! My simple 3-step method for amplifying your interview rate via LinkedIn. Now that you know how you can secure your dream, just like Vivian, there's just one thing left for you to do: take action

Within days, not weeks, you will be exposed to bigger, brighter, and more pocket-filling opportunities!