You’ve probably found THE ONE – the job you love!

You now look for the latest copy of your resume and tweak it a bit. “Saved company time and money and completed a major project,” you brag a little. Voila! You have updated and perfected your resume. Confident that you'll be the best pick within the job pool, you daydream a minute – “I’ll achieve my financial goals pretty soon,” you say!

You go back to the job advertisement to upload your resume. But wait!

“Applicants must submit a cover letter and address the selection criteria in the job description,” you shockingly read.

Are you now fuming the internet to find quick hacks on how to write a cover letter and respond to selection criteria? Have you spent hours finding the best example of a personal statement? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the selection criteria responses you’ve read online and thinking of just letting the opportunity to secure your dream job pass?

Well then, your search stops right here!

The Perfect Resume team is here to guide you and make your job application stand out! We will help you polish your application by providing you with a FREE cover letter and selection criteria samples. Read on and be on your way to landing the job of your dreams!

Cover Letter Dread: The Basics and Effortless Ways to Create One in 2022 — With Examples

A cover letter is a one-page document that aims to express your intention of securing the spot. Like a golden ticket, your cover letter is a paper that introduces you to a potential employer, aside from your resume or CV. Know to some as a motivation letter, your cover letter is submitted to explain and persuade your readers as to why you are the best candidate for the job.

Regrettably, many clients choose to pour all their efforts into perfecting their resumes only. But did you know that your cover letter can be the difference between championing your job search and being sent to the “NO” pile without any hesitation?

“How come,” you ask.

This brief document is a chance for you to showcase your communication skills, experiences, and how you can meet the potential employer’s business needs and exceed expectations. Furthermore, according to SEEK, recruiters and hiring managers still claim to read cover letters to further extract information about applicants, such as their relevant skills and tangible achievement. Research about Employer Preferences focused on application documents uncovered that 56% of employers favour the use of cover letters. Thus, it is always a perfect idea to tailor your cover letter to each job application!

Speaking of tailoring or personalising your job search tool, Professional Resume Writers and Career Experts from The Perfect Resume put together a guide on what to include and leave out of your cover letter, including the dos and don’ts when crafting one.

Cover Letter Tip # 1:  Never ever forget the must-have sections, namely:

  • Contact Section. Up above in your heading section is where your contact information should be ideally placed, such as your mobile number. Why? It is the first thing a recruiter or hiring manager must-see. Without these details, it would be unlikely that you will even hear a callback or stand out from all the other applicants. Therefore, do not ever ditch this part. Additionally, make sure that your contact details are up to date and are reachable.


First and Last Name                                                                         Target Position

0400 000 000                                               Gold Coast, QLD                              Li Click here for LinkedIn


  • Company name, date, appropriate salutation, and the name of the job you're going for. Getting this part right is very crucial. This will reveal if you dedicated enough time to research the company and the person who shall receive your cover letter. As the old saying goes, “well begun is half done.” Addressing the contact person by his or her name will provide a personalised touch and good impression to give you brownie points for an interview shortlist. However, if the information is ungraspable choose a suitable salutation.


The Perfect Resume

Writing Department

2 March 2022


Attn: Hiring Manager

Re: Position of Professional Resume Writer


  • Attention-grabbing unique selling proposition. This is the best spot to showcase your personality and company values. If you are a person who loves making another laugh, start off with some humour. If you think that the organisation’s cause resonates with you, then it is best to acknowledge it at the beginning of your cover letter. Before you write your introduction, you must identify why do you want to apply for that specific job and why should the employer choose you over the other candidates. Doing this can help you craft a perfect cover letter introduction.


As an outcome-driven and customer-focused Resume Writer with 10 years of recruiting or sourcing experience, I am eager to deliver high-quality Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Preparation services to your organisation’s esteemed clients. I look forward to demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the career motivations and achievements of every client, timely completing tasks, and building an improved professional image.


  • Experiences, education, key skills, and achievements. As soon as you have your readers hooked, it is now time to shine by highlighting your standout qualities. Due to the limited time hiring managers hold within the recruitment process, it is best to keep it short but sweet! They do not have time for fluff. Hence why they use applicant tracking systems to sort candidates from being a good fit to not so suitable. So, be sure to address the employer’s wants and needs whilst incorporating your applicable past experiences, skills, and wins – both big and small!


Currently employed as a resume writer for XYZ company, I perform to a high standard by producing approximately 5 error-free application documents daily. I have also exceeded the satisfaction of various clients and received praises due to timely updating clients on the status of their orders and presenting information in a concise, factual, and strategic fashion. Before this, I worked as a content writer, customer support representative, and teacher, whereby I developed my skills in anticipating clients’ needs. Notable achievements in these roles included delivering outputs prior to the deadline, uplifting new revenue from existing customers, and reducing the number of complaints.

Recognised as an enthusiastic, diligent, and high performing professional, I am an avid learner and suitably qualified with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.


Cover Letter Tip # 2:  Familiarise yourself with mistakes to dodge, such as:

  • Never start with “I am writing to apply for the XYZ position at XYZ.” Keep in mind that your cover letter is meant to make you stand out. Aside from being superfluous, beginning your cover letter with this phrase will only give the impression that you are boring or not that interested in the job. Do your research and use your cover letter as a way of communicating how you have what it takes to be the company’s next team member.
  • Avoid repeating all the information on your resume. A resume is intended to state facts about your career, such as your previous roles, skills, and achievements. On the other hand, your cover letter is meant to explain how you meet the job requirements. It is an avenue for you to introduce yourself in a creative way and display your communication skills. Therefore, it is unnecessary to copy and paste the information from your resume onto your cover letter. You need to tell an interesting story.
  • Eliminate the typos. According to research conducted by CareerBuilder, a trusted human capital solutions company, over 70% of hiring managers admitted that they would reject a cover letter bearing grammatical or typographical errors without a doubt. The same also goes for resumes. Therefore, make sure to proofread your document. It is also advisable to use a free online writing assistant or error-checker. Moreover, try having a trusted colleague review your cover letter. Getting a pair of fresh eyes can help catch language oversights in your relevant experience and enhance the flow of your letter of introduction without paying anything.
  • Do not forget the evidence of your knowledge. It is easy to claim that you are a ‘team player’ or have all the right values for the job. However, you are not the first candidate to mention it. Often, cover letters are filled with content that applicants merely copied, such as the role title and expertise listed on the job advertisement without backing them up. Hiring managers go for a good match when they are finding candidates for jobs, someone who can communicate their relevant work experience, how they have demonstrated the required skills in their past and are a great match between the hard and soft transferable skills. In addition to that, you can write your selection criteria or professional resume in a more creative way by sprinkling in the results or achievements. Hiring managers love reading engaging resumes, especially when candidates take the time to write in a results-driven manner.
  • Stay away from mentioning your expected salary. Unless you are instructed to do so, it is best to do not to mention to the recruiter or company representative how much you are expecting to receive. Indeed, good compensation in any industry is a form of motivation. However, you want to present yourself to your potential employer as a professional eager to contribute to the future of the company, not someone who is excited to just get paid.

Cover Letter Tip # 3:  Create a winning and sincere final statement and call to action.

Your ending paragraph should be as captivating as your introduction. It is also great to include a call of action or a way of encouraging potential employers to contact you for further discussions on how you can be a great asset to the company. Here, you can display your enthusiasm and confidence. Lastly, if you are wondering how to end your cover letter, sign off with kind regards or yours sincerely.


With an eye for detail and the ability to work collaboratively, I believe in consistency and strive to deliver results. Therefore, I strive to align my skills, experience, and passion for making a difference in people’s lives and careers. I believe I can offer you valuable insight that will result in strategic solutions for your services. I can be contacted on 0400 000 000 or via email at at a time of your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards

First Last Name


Writing a Cover Letter in Australia Doesn’t Have to Be Tough

We know cover letter writing can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! If you're struggling with trying not to sound desperate or keeping your document easy to read, then fear not! Below, there are some cover letter examples for managerial and graduate roles. On the other hand, if you would like your Professional Writer from The Perfect Resume to craft a unique cover letter that suits your needs, email us at  or visit

Finance Manager Cover Letter Example

2 March 2022


Attn: Hiring Manager - The Perfect Resume

Re: Position of Finance Manager,


As an experienced and highly qualified Finance Manager, I look forward to adding value to your bottom line and have attached my résumé for your consideration.

I was previously employed as a Financial Accountant for COMPANY, where I managed 5 direct reports and 140 indirect payrolls and accounts staff, based around the world, including overseeing the financial management of 3 company-owned venues and 2 joint ventures.

In this role, I successfully implemented project financing, budget forecasting and financial analysis initiatives. I ensured accurate allocation of cost for analysis which decreased expenses by approx. $50k per month. My deep-dive analysis and efforts further led to a reduction of $150k per annum and guaranteed that all accounts receivable, accounts payable, daily reconciliations were performed to a very high standard.

Judicious by nature and an adept analytical problem-solver, I have proven experience in project process improvements. Leveraging available resources, I develop and lead a commercially focused and energised team and communicate with excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills to sustain long-term quality productive working relationships.

Recognised as an enthusiastic, diligent, and high performing professional, I am looking for a long-term contract within your dynamic finance team. I believe my financial, budgeting, forecasting experience, CPA, and post qualifications, place me in a unique position to offer your company the expertise you are looking for, in addition to an innovative nature and meticulous attention for details to work collaboratively with the team.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my previous role, I am now seeking a new position closer to family. Therefore, please find further experience reflected in my enclosed resume to pique your interest to shortlist me for an interview. I can be contacted at or 1300 217 374 at a time of your convenience.


Kind regards,

First and Last Name


Graduate Program Cover Letter Template

Insert Organisation

Insert Date

Dear Hiring Manager,


Re: Graduate Program opportunity,

A insert adjectives displayed in the job advertisement team member, I am eager to contribute to insert something relevant to the organisation you are applying for by inserting a sample of responsibilities as listed in the job description.

Recently/Currently employed as a insert position for insert company name, I perform/ed to a high standard by insert a sample of achievements. These activities have provided me with the transferrable skills required to insert something relevant for the company you are applying for your organisation.

Suitably qualified with a insert qualification(s), coupled with over/nearly how many years of which industry experience, I can also confirm that I possess the following qualities as required:

    • Insert relevant skills here
While I thoroughly enjoy/ed my current/recent role, I am now seeking a new challenge/long-term career change. Therefore, please find other experiences reflected in my enclosed resume to pique your interest to shortlist me for an interview. I can be contacted at or 0400 000 000 at a time of your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

First and Last Name


Selection Criteria: What is it And How Do I Address It in My Cover Letter?

The key selection criteria demonstrate how well suited you are for your dream job. Your responses are what potential employers shall use to shortlist you for a job. Unlike a cover letter, a selection criteria response is a direct, concise, and focused explanation to a situational question, for example, ‘demonstrate a time when you had to meet tight deadlines' or ‘explain a situation when you had to be flexible,’ You may address this job requirement in your cover letter. How? Through an applicant tracking systems formula:

Example Statement + Example Situation + How you overcame the challenge/problem = Criteria Response Evidence

How do you write the selection criteria for a job application?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to answer selection criteria questions correctly depends on the specific question being asked and the job you are applying for. However, there are a few general tips that can help you to answer selection criteria questions effectively:

  • Read the question carefully and make sure you understand what is being asked of you. Selection criteria can vary from employer to employer, so it’s important to read through the job ad thoroughly and understand what is required before you start writing your application. Follow the instructions: make sure you read and understand the selection criteria before starting to write your response.
  • Outline how your skills, experience and qualifications match up with what is being asked for in the question. Do not be afraid of referring to previous roles. Employers want someone who can hit the ground running. Therefore, make sure that if you have experience in a similar role and the required qualifications and skills for the position, you want your next employer to know.
  • Use specific examples to back up your claims and show that you have what it takes to do the job. A professional resume template will help to strengthen your argument and show that you have what it takes to do the particular job. Numbers and statistics can help add credibility to a document by providing concrete evidence to support a claim. When used effectively, they can help back up an argument with factual information. In addition, they can help to persuade your readers – and make them say, “this is the one!” The best way to use numbers in a selection criteria response is to back up general claims with specific examples. For example, rather than writing, “I am reliable,” you could write, “In the past year, I have worked consistently 5 days per week and have had ZERO unaccounted days off or arrived late on any occasions.” Who would you employ if you could choose between the “I am reliable” guy or someone who has had ZERO unaccounted days off?
  • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting your application. Nothing looks worse than a sloppy job application! Proofreading is so important for job seekers because it is the first impression that you make on a potential employer. If there are spelling and grammar mistakes in your application, it signals to the employer that you are not detail-oriented and that you may not be taking the job application seriously. It also shows that you may not be capable of doing the specific job if you cannot even take the time to proofread your application. By proofreading your job application, you can ensure that your application looks polished and professional.

Selection Criteria Response Example

I had been working as a customer service representative for a telecommunications company for 2 years. During the day, I would answer 30-50 customer enquiries per day, depending on the complexity of the customer’s needs. On one particular day, it was rather busy, and I received a call from a customer who was extremely angry. The customer had been trying to call the company for two days and was unable to get through, so she decided she was going to her business elsewhere. Even though I was busy, I knew this customer had called for a reason, other than to tell us that she had chosen another provider, so I decided to take some time to listen to her needs. She told me that her primary line (which she would normally use to call us on) had disconnected after a power outage and she couldn’t turn it back on. She felt isolated and upset not being able to communicate with her family throughout the evening. I assured her that we would investigate this issue immediately and asked if there were any other questions or concerns, she had. After a quick investigation, I discovered that the primary line had not disconnected but there was an outstanding payment on her account which had placed a suspension on the account (which meant the power outage was really not the cause of the problem). I checked the accounts and since this customer had received five years of excellent service from our company, I let her know that I would waive the outstanding charges. She was ever so grateful and let me know that she has now decided to remain with the company.


How can The Perfect Resume Team Help?

To be successful in your job search, you need to have a compelling cover letter and give it your best shot as you try to address selection criteria. Your cover letter is the first thing that hiring managers will read, and it can help make or break an application. A well-crafted cover letter, coupled with key selection criteria responses should tell the hiring manager why they MUST have you on their team. However, if you still don't know where to start, contact The Perfect Resume today!

The Perfect Resume is here to help you get ahead in your career by providing cover letters and selection criteria responses. We offer professional writing services to make sure your job search tools are perfect before submitting them. Our team of writers is experts in crafting interview-winning documents to impress any hiring manager or recruiter. We know what employers want to see on paper and how they want their candidates presented, so let us do all the hard work.

Please send us an email at with your resume, cover letter, and link to your dream job. We will give you tips on making prospective employers hire YOU over ALL OTHER CANDIDATES – without paying a penny! 

Likewise, if you find this article helpful, don't forget to share and pass the kindness along to your fellow job seeker!

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