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  • Job Search Tip: How To Tailor A Cover Letter Using Keywords

    Do you need a cover letter to match your skills and experience? Or, should you customise your cover letter for a specific job? What are the keywords to use? So many questions! We answer them in this blog!
  • The Perfect Resume team reveals the best way to apply for a job today!

    Are you someone whose jobs are affected by the current pandemic? Do you need to start the job search today but do not know where to start? Or have...
  • The lazy person’s resume writing services job search tip!

    Are you someone who applies for a job on Seek, LinkedIn etc. and never follows up on it? You might get an unsuccessful email and think.... which job was that for? Well, this lazy habit needs to stop. Today! 

    If you are serious about your job search, our resume writing services can take the time and effort out of the recruitment process, and if you are really looking to land a new position, The Perfect Resume team have created a nifty follow up email that you can quickly template out and send to your prospective employers. Read this article to learn more. 

  • How to Write The Perfect Cover Letter for a Job | The Perfect Resume

    The Perfect Resume team writes a tailored cover letter in a systematic, proven approach. This method lets the organisation know what you can offer, why it would be in their best interest to hire you and how inviting you into their team would add value to their organisation. All while correlating these aspects with the attributes of the role they need to fill. Learn more by reading this article!
  • Cracking The Perfect Resume And Cover Letter Code

    Recruiters and hiring manager's unconscious and conscious judgement and decision making apply when they scan a resume and cover letter to determine if you are suitable for a position as advertised. Before you hit "Apply" make sure you read the following article: https://theperfectresume.com.au/blogs/news/what-makes-the-perfect-resume-and-cover-letter
  • How to Search for Jobs Near Home During the COVID-19 Period

    The Perfect Resume team has witnessed the unemployment rate increase and the number of advertised jobs on Seek and LinkedIn decrease from nearly 140,000 available positions across Australia down to 47,000 within 4-weeks. The span between the two figures is increasing day-by-day. This means you will be competing with more and more people for the same job opening. While these are alarming figures, it demonstrates a need to be more competitive and adaptable in how we are approaching the employers who are advertising. Submitting your resume on seek and hoping for the best is simply not enough. Read the following article for 10 tips on how to be more competitive during the current situation.
  • How to be in the Top 3% of Candidates Who Land an Interview!

    The job market at the moment is extremely competitive. With high unemployment rates and a low number of jobs being advertised, it's now more important than ever before to ensure that your resume will make it easy for you to land an interview.
  • What is the quickest way to find a job?

    Many job seekers may be thinking it's time to pause their search while others are taking advantage of the job hunt. Here's what recruiters on LinkedIn are telling us from the front lines: 
  • Apply These 10 Secret Techniques to Create The Perfect Resume

    Are you trying to land a new job and keep receiving unsuccessful emails? The Perfect Resume team follows these resume writing tips, encapsulating essential principles to improve your CV. Today, we are sharing them with you to help you see an immediate improvement in your job search outcomes.
  • Why it is Important to Tailor your Cover Letter

    Research has shown that a tailored cover letter can increase your chances of being shortlisted by 40%. So, how can you tailor your cover letter? Read the article to find out!

  • Do I need a cover letter?

    As a recruiter, the candidates I appointed to roles were the ones that I felt absolutely certain that they had the proven skills and abilities to do the job, and do it well. I would write the job description as “The Perfect Candidate" and know that I might not get a candidate that hits each of the points. If a candidate demonstrated 7/10 points, I would shortlist them.  Did I read cover letters? Read this article to find out. 

  • How to build your confidence when your job search is "Too hard"

    Remaining upbeat and confident can be difficult when you are looking for a new job. Here are some of our client's favorite quotes and affirmations that have kept them positive! Feel free to share them on your social media feeds so you can also help others. 

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