LinkedIn Profile Guidelines To Make You A LinkedIn Rock Star

LinkedIn Profile Guidelines To Make You A LinkedIn Rock Star


Are you looking for a job and are thinking to yourself, how do I know if someone is on LinkedIn? What's the best way to connect with people I don't know? or what's the difference between LinkedIn and other social media platforms? If so, you have come to the right place as we have all the answers!

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your job search, however, it can be as effective as a general cover letter and your CV that was created on a free resume builder if you don't know how to use it!

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the internet, with more than 433 million members worldwide (18% of whom are active monthly). It's not just for people who want to find jobs or hire employees, LinkedIn is a one page resume and cover letter that also offers an excellent platform for many employers to build relationships and find connections with potential employers, business partners, clients, customers and other talented professionals.

The first step is to make sure you have a good LinkedIn profile. This includes all the information about yourself – education, experience, skills – but it also includes a great photo and an interesting Summary section. With LinkedIn profiles becoming increasingly business-focused, it might be a good idea to ask the person you’re reaching out to questions about the job application. This can help you figure out what they need and how you can meet those needs.

Once your LinkedIn profile is as good as it can be, LinkedIn messages become more than just an afterthought – they become the first thing that any LinkedIn user will see about you. LinkedIn allows you to showcase your personality, which is great if the person you’re messaging with has something in common with you. For an introduction, LinkedIn messages are a good way of making sure that your subject gets all the information to make the right decision.

If LinkedIn messages aren’t your thing, LinkedIn InMail or LinkedIn Connections requests can both be used to get a message through. LinkedIn InMail is a paid service that allows LinkedIn users to contact anybody on LinkedIn with whom they have not previously been connected. LinkedIn Connections requests are only available if the recipient has previously accepted your connection request and you must wait for them to respond before the LinkedIn Connections request goes through – this is a good way of getting a LinkedIn voice mail!

When using LinkedIn networking tips, remember that LinkedIn isn't just for jobseekers - there are plenty of people looking to meet other LinkedIn members and network away from their desks.

Just like Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), LinkedIn uses its own algorithms

LinkedIn uses algorithms to read through your skills section, work history, and companies referred to match LinkedIn members with potential employers, business partners, clients, etc. It presents your resume in reverse chronological order which is the industry preference for your potential employer. Your profile also has the capability of providing such references to ensure that your work history has more credibility and you can be trusted. LinkedIn is an extension of your resume/CV, do not limit the information you provide.

LinkedIn profiles can be more detailed than a resume however, there are some guidelines to stick to, including

  • A maximum 2,000 characters to write about yourself in your about summary
  • You need to complete all recommended sections of your LinkedIn profile to obtain All Star Status which will ensure your profile will be viewed in the search results of others.
  • LinkedIn is a powerful tool but your LinkedIn profile will only be as good as the information you provide.
  • Inside LinkedIn's Privacy Policy, LinkedIn has been established to share people's professional connections with LinkedIn members to engage LinkedIn users with relevant recommendations from their trusted network of connections. If you are not comfortable with LinkedIn sharing details about your profile, you can manage this in the settings.

LinkedIn awards LinkedIn connection requests with a social trustworthiness score and will automatically send LinkedIn invitations to people who have viewed your profile, suggesting that these LinkedIn users may know your contacts. LinkedIn also has an endorsement section where LinkedIn members can endorse LinkedIn connections for their skills and specialties within LinkedIn groups. They cannot endorse outside of LinkedIn groups without permission. LinkedIn endorsements allow LinkedIn users to see which of their LinkedIn connections have similar skills or experiences, allowing LinkedIn users to make valuable acquaintances.

People will be more likely to endorse you if they are presented with your LinkedIn summary rather than just the work history section of LinkedIn, so keep this in mind when writing your LinkedIn profile.


Reader Beware! You could have created a professional resume template, ensured it was submitted in the correct resume format and even included the very best resume samples from your work history and checked it was ATS friendly, however, if your LinkedIn isn't optimised, it may all be for nought.

The steps are crucial though, they can't be skipped, because, no two resumes are the same and your great resume will likely be seen before a job recruiter sees your LinkedIn profile, however, before you skip to submitting your best resume template and the perfect cover letter, then researching everything there is to learn about interview preparation, have a peruse of your LinkedIn profile. You don't want to miss out on the new job opportunity because you missed out on updating your profile with a recent a career change or ensuring only relevant experience is highlighted.

Career experts understand that LinkedIn's algorithms are based on your profile, interests, skills and connections. The more complete and accurate your LinkedIn profile is, the better LinkedIn's algorithms will be able to match you with the right people. LinkedIn has an uncanny way of connecting LinkedIn members with the right people so if you want LinkedIn to help you in your job search, make sure that LinkedIn knows who you are and how best to connect you with the right people!

Expert tips to connect with people you don't know!

There are many ways to get introduced through LinkedIn: You might see:

  • A colleague asking if you know of any other candidates who are interested in applying for a job
  • Recruiters requesting respective holders of certain degrees of certifications to get in touch with them
  • Someone in your second or third-degree network sharing your article
  • Someone who has something interesting in common with you on their profile page
  • A previous manager share a recommendation about you

Professionals on LinkedIn are usually open to building out their networks. Just remember to add a personal message when you make a connection request—it’s much nicer than the default message and it increases the chances that your request will be accepted. When LinkedIn suggests that you connect with someone, LinkedIn will provide a suggested message as well as the person’s name and photo. It's always better to add a personalised message.


We have included some example chat introductions below for you.

Connecting with Strangers? Oh no!

Before you even start connecting with strangers on LinkedIn, you need to have an engaging LinkedIn profile page. Simply due to the fact that it is generally the first place the potential hiring manager will go when you connect with them. If your profile is blank or not relevant, they will straight up ignore you.

Are you struggling to create The Perfect Resume or a stand-out LinkedIn profile?

You're not alone. A lot of people find it difficult to write about themselves and market themselves in a way that feels authentic. But don't worry, our team of resume writers here to help. Send us a message to and a professional resume writer can help. Additionally, our career coaches can give you some tips on how hiring managers use LinkedIn during the recruitment process, so you can reverse engineer the process to make you shine.

We'll also share our resume resources, show you how to use LinkedIn to its full potential and connect with people who can help you achieve your career goals.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but it can be difficult to connect with people you don't know.

After you have connected with someone, it is always a good idea to propose a quick introductory chat. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about the person, and for them to learn more about you. It also helps to build a relationship, which can be beneficial in the future. Generally speaking, just let the person know why you’re interested in their profile and that you’d like to network with them on LinkedIn. The word “network” is a nice, non-aggressive reason for connecting.

Here are some examples of chat introductions you can use for your networking efforts:

Connect to Someone You’ve Never Met Offline


It looks like you’re an expert on the INSERT industry in the INSERT REGION and I’m hoping to network with people who can assist with INSERT TOPIC. It would be great to connect here on LinkedIn with you.

Kind regards


Connect with the hiring manager after you’ve applied to a particular position.


Recently, your firm received a resume and cover letter from me! I’m hoping we can connect here on LinkedIn so that you and your team can have full access to my profile.

Kind regards


Mention you have been referred by someone


Your colleague NAME and I recently connected here on LinkedIn and I’m hoping to we can connect as well.

Kind regards


Sending a Chat Request

Example 1—Request for Industry Information:

Subject Line: Thanks for Connecting on LinkedIn NAME



Thanks for accepting my connection request here on LinkedIn. Your professional profile looks really interesting and it looks like you really know the INSERT TOPIC really well!

Are you up for a quick introductory chat? I’d love to jump on the phone for a couple of minutes to make introductions and ask you a couple of questions about your perspective on the INSERT CHALLENGE in our area. I’m on the job hunt and some wisdom would be really helpful!

Please let me know if you are free at THIS DAY/TIME or THIS DAY/TIME

Kind regards


Example 1—Looking to Learn More about their Firm

Subject Line: Thanks for Connecting on LinkedIn NAME



Lately, I’ve noticed that INSERT COMPANY has been doing some really interesting things, so I’m glad we’ve connected here on LinkedIn. If you’re ever up for a quick intro chat, I’d love to jump on the phone to make introductions briefly.

Please let me know if you are free at THIS DAY/TIME or THIS DAY/TIME

Kind regards


Asking for LinkedIn Recommendations

Smart job seekers will leverage social proof on their LinkedIn profiles by getting recommendations from colleagues, former bosses, former clients, and former classmates. Generally speaking, let folks know that their recommendation would really help you out and then, return the favour.

How to Ask for a Recommendation:

Subject Line: Is there any way you could recommend me?



It’s been a while since we last caught up, I hope you and your family are well! Right now I’m on the job hunt and I could really use some help beefing up my LinkedIn profile. A recommendation from you would really help me out. Is there any way you can write me a quick recommendation for our work together at INSERT COMPANY?

If you could just visit my LinkedIn profile at INSERT PROFILE LINK and write a couple of sentences about our work together, it would really make a difference to me. Just click on the little arrow besides the “Send Message” button.

Thanks in advance for your help NAME!

Kind regards


The good news is, by simply mastering these leading-edge job hunting and professional presentation skills, you can get yourself into the running for positions that were previously out of your reach. Plus, you can present yourself articulately, with confidence, and with purpose. You can also identify the right opportunities so you don’t waste your valuable time and get hired for more money than you previously thought possible.

And it can all happen within the space of a few weeks. Thousands of job seekers all over the world have already benefited--and you can too.


LinkedIn Profile Writing Tip: Hire a professional writer to create The Perfect LinkedIn profile for you!

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, but it can be hard to know how to make the most of it. Most people don't realise that having a professional LinkedIn profile is key to standing out in today's job market. You can have a compelling resume with all the relevant skills, but the minute the hiring manager stalks you on your social media pages, it could be the difference between securing your dream job or going back to writing yet another job application. A professional LinkedIn profile writer can help you create a profile that will make you stand out from the competition. Have a look at our resume writing packages available for employees by clicking here.

Other than a good cover letter, how can I make a good first impression?

Your LinkedIn profile is your gateway to the people that you would like to work with and those who want to work with you. It's also a way of following up and making sure that the interest in you continues. LinkedIn makes it easy to do this with LinkedIn messages, LinkedIn InMail and LinkedIn Connections requests.

It can be hard to have a conversation or find one in progress if you don’t know the people personally. LinkedIn is not Facebook, where you can take your time getting to know someone before asking them out for coffee. LinkedIn is business, which means that chat messages all require a touch of finesse.


Knowing how to create an effective LinkedIn profile will help increase your interview opportunities.

LinkedIn Profile writing should be treated as a key part of your job search process--so much so that many professionals will hire social media management firms and LinkedIn profile writers instead of taking on the task themselves. The resume expert should do both: Nowadays, applicants should have at least two versions of their resume: one for LinkedIn and another for applications where uploading an online resume might not be possible (such as traditional paper

Standard benefits of getting a resume writer to write your LinkedIn profile

We make sure you have the latest important information when it comes to career planning and resume writing.

  • A professional LinkedIn Profile Writer is an expert at giving you career advice so your LinkedIn page looks its best and gets results!
  • They understand what employers want in job applications, including a good resume summary that can be transposed into LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Profile Writers are adept at crafting the perfect headline, summary and about you section to ensure your content is appealing to your desired audience.
  • They know how to write LinkedIn profiles that will convert well for you!
  • LinkedIn profiles written by professional writers will be COMPLETE, which means it tells the full story about you
  • Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers understand the LinkedIn platform and what works best on it. This is why LinkedIn Profile Writers can help you with your resume or CV, LinkedIn profile and overall personal brand.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool, but it can be hard to know how to make the most of it. Most people don't realise that having a professional LinkedIn profile is key to standing out in today's job market. A professional LinkedIn profile writer can help you create a profile that will make you stand out from the competition. If you learn and use all the strategies that we teach you, it could mean increased pay, new opportunities, and maximum control over your career, which could easily translate into tens of thousands of dollars of value.

Standard benefits of getting a resume writer to write your LinkedIn profile include understanding what employers want from their employees, crafting the perfect headline, summary and about you section, and being COMPLETE. Professional LinkedIn Profile Writers also understand the LinkedIn platform and what works best on it - which is why they can help with resumes, cover letters, selection criteria, LinkedIn profiles and overall personal branding.


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