The Great Resignation in Australia: You have resigned... now what? 

The Great Resignation in Australia: You have resigned... now what? 

Did you enjoy working from home and now your boss has pulled you back to the office and you are hating life? Did you have a post-pandemic epiphany and realise you only get one chance at life? Perhaps you are feeling burnt out because of all the extra hours the coronavirus has created. The Great Resignation in Australia is looming, just as it has done in the US. Therefore, soon, you will be wondering, 'if I resigned from my job title, what should I do next?'.

ABS data already shows the early warning signs for an unprecedented number of people leaving their jobs, a similar phenomenon that is occurring in the US. The causes of this mass resignation include:

  1. After a period of initially missing the office, many people seem to get used to ‘hybrid’ or work-from-home arrangements and now don't want to go back to the office to work. We like taking Zoom calls in our yoga outfits or loose-fitting pants. We always have the perfect temperature in the 'office' (because we have control of the air-conditioning or heating). We are saving heaps of money on not having to go out for coffee with our peers and get take out for lunch and the fact you can roll out of bed 15-minutes before you start work is enough for anyone to want to stay at home! Who wants to sit on the Monash Freeway car park on your way into CBD Melbourne? Anyone? No?
  2. Some people have had a ‘pandemic epiphany’ and realised that they only get one chance at life. They explain their feelings by saying they ‘don’t want to die with their music still in them’. These people are sick of the daily commute and the long hours and just want to spend time doing more worthwhile things that they will remember when they get older. The high levels of stress have also proven an issue for some returning to the workforce. I cannot help but think that all those extra hours also has a role to play in people’s choice not to go back to work too.
  3. If you have been in a sector with high burnout levels during the pandemic, all that extra work catches up on you. Resentment starts to creep in because you have been at work every weekend and it is the only normal time that you get to see your family and friends. The nightclub scene may be missing from your life at the moment, but you still don't want to be working on a Friday or Saturday night! Plus, you put off going on that much-needed vacation because of a looming deadline and realised after a few months, all you do is work, eat and sleep. We are Australians. We want to work smarter, not harder and it is well documented that there are no benefits from overworking - doesn't your boss know that productivity actually drops as work hours increase?
  4. Job recovery numbers have been above expectations, leaving job applicants with confidence in a 'healthy job seekers market'. COVID-19 has offered Millenials a chance at higher-paying jobs that were previously unobtainable, because, many Baby Boomers accepted voluntary retirement packages and as they head for retirement, it will be the Generation X who are going to be stepping up into their positions. Who will be filling the next Generation X middle management, supervisor and management specific job application? Millenials of course! This is encouraging more people to make plans to leave their current jobs.

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It's hard being a Millennial, but it's even harder to be an Australian Millennial.

I totally understand, you hate the environment you are working in, you can't stand the annoying things people do and you want to resign from your particular job. Some of the challenges faced by Millennials are not unique to our generation - they will face these throughout their lives. However, there are some that are specific to Australia and can't be seen in other parts of the world. The Great Resignation in Australia will leave us worried about the high cost of living with low wages, lack of job security due to outsourcing or offshoring jobs overseas and so much more! This blog aims to help Australian Millennials navigate through this tough time in life by providing helpful information on how best to tackle these issues head-on. The aim is simple; 'to make your life easier!' So, read on!

Let's get one thing clear! Leaving a job before you have another one lined up is extremely risky.

It can take 6+ months on average for someone to secure a new position. You need to consider the time it takes to find a job you want to apply for, hours in preparation for your resume and cover letter. You'll need to wait for the elusive phone interview and even longer for a face-to-face interview. Then you will need to wait again to receive an employment contract of the offer - wait again for the lead up to your first day. Then, you need to sit tight and be on your best behaviour for 3-6 months to see if your employer is going to pass your probation! After all that time patiently waiting, if you are looking to borrow money for your first house, forget it! The banks won't lend you a home loan until you are securely in your full-time job for more than 12-months.

Don't risk your future - make sure you have a new job before you resign!

If your boss is really giving you the sh*ts, consider if you have the financial safety net to wait for a potential 6-months until the next job arrives. Now that we have that out of the way, is it your time to quit and move on? Or hold on just a little bit longer while you wait for the perfect opportunity to arise.

In the last 12-months, job recovery numbers have been above expectations, leaving confidence in a healthy jobseeker's market.

Let's say you have the financial backing to resign, effective immediately or the bank of mum and dad can support you a little longer - if you are feeling confident in your job search and have a good idea of what you want to do next, and you really can't stand another day in your current job, it is better for your mental health to resign and then your job search will become your new full-time job. After all, if you have a senior management position in your career path, resigning from one job and being promoted into the next is the quickest way to climb the career hierarchy and start earning some real $$$. In this case, have a chat with your boss, ask if there are any internal opportunities within the current place of employment that aligned with what you want. If there are no positions available, be clear on when you plan to leave and stick to that date. You will need this boss to be a referee for the next job, so you don't want to burn the bridges.

However, if you are not sure what you want to do, or if the job market in your sector is competitive, it might be better to start looking for a new job BEFORE you resign.

Will employers think that I'm not loyal to them by quitting?

No, employers usually understand that there are many reasons why someone might decide to leave a job and that it doesn't reflect badly on the individual. In fact, resigning from a job can sometimes be seen as being proactive and taking charge of one's career history.

Many industries are small, and in one way or another, people tend to know each other. Therefore, one way to make sure you're doing everything you can to keep the door of opportunities open is to write a cover letter with your resignation.

A well-crafted resignation letter can help ensure a smooth transition from one employee to the next. The Perfect Resume has some tips on how to write a resignation letter that will leave a good impression on your employer. Check it out!

When it comes to writing the closing statement of a resignation letter, here are our expert responses:

How do you end a cover letter sincerely in Australia? 

When you resign from a position, you don't want your boss to (a) take it as a personal attack or (b) to think you have made an impulse decision. Therefore, adding 'After careful consideration, I have decided that its time to...' in your resignation cover letter shows that you have genuinely considered your options. Other inclusions in a great resignation letter include:

  • Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for always treating me with respect and understanding
  • I wish you, the team and the company all the very best for the future
  • Thank you for your time and consideration.

What is the best closing salutation for a cover letter? / Do you put sincerely at the end of a cover letter?

A closing salutation is a polite and respectful way to end a letter. In business letters, it is customary to use a courteous phrase such as "Sincerely" or "Best regards." The salutation should be followed by the writer's full name. Several strategies exist to end a resignation letter with the proper tone and voice:

  • Best wishes
  • Warm regards
  • Kind Regards
  • Yours faithfully.

*Your signature*

Leaving your job can feel like a daunting task, there are applicant tracking systems to consider and professional resume templates to produce but with the right preparation, it can be a smooth transition. Check out our tips to make sure you resign in the best way possible!

Looking for a new job during Australia's Great Resignation will give you an unprecedented number of opportunities. Remember, you will need your current boss to be a referee for the next job, so you don't want to burn the bridges. So, we have already mentioned you want to include a letter with your resignation. Then, you want to connect with everyone you know on LinkedIn, especially the people you currently work with as they may know someone who is looking for the job you want to apply for.

LinkedIn is also a great platform to secure jobs before they become available to the public. Your LinkedIn network can send your profile to potential employers who may have not been looking for a new candidate. This is a great time to take advantage of the sleepers in your network that you don’t know very well, or haven't connected with yet.

Here are a few resources to help with building your LinkedIn profile:

Don't put your job in jeopardy by resigning; make sure you've found a new career before you leave! Here are your 6-steps to success!

  1. Contact The Perfect Resume team to discuss your options with our career counselling services Click here to learn more.
  2. Resign in the best way possible
  3. Connect with everyone you know on LinkedIn
  4. Use LinkedIn to secure jobs before they become available to the public
  5. Take advantage of the sleepers in your network that you don’t know very well, or haven't connected with yet
  6. Polish up your resume and make sure it is up to date (Here is a great career blog on how to Make The Perfect Resume and Get Hired | Free Resume Tips and Examples
  7. Start applying for jobs with the perfect cover letter!

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter

How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that accompanies your resume examples when you are applying for jobs. It should be distributed with the best resume template and be written in the same style as a formal business letter.

The purpose of our cover letter is to introduce yourself, to provide an overview of who you are and to indicate the skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities that make you special. Try to create a good initial impression and make the most of the opportunity to inject a positive and upbeat tone into your application. Your letter should be restricted to 1-page and for maximum impact, it should:

  • Grab the readers' attention
  • Be succinct, relevant and interesting
  • Show originality in the way you present your key attributes
  • Reflect your motivations and interests in the position
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how your background links with the company and with the requirements of the position
  • Create a desire for the reader to meet with you.

What do I write in a cover letter? 

You should highlight your relevant skills, knowledge or experience. You can also talk about any personal qualities you have that might be useful to the company. We asked a handful of recruiters what they like to see - this is what they said!

  • "Don't get too creative." The standard inclusions still exist, such as adding your name, contact details, addressing it to the reader where possible, adding the date and the position. Tailoring your cover letter with the inclusions above can really save a recruiter a lot of time.
  • "Include everything we ask for." If you're going to spend time applying for a job, remember to touch on everything the recruiter/hiring manager needs from you. For example, give brief examples of skills and experiences that demonstrate how you fit the job.
  • "Don't send a generic cover letter." Recruiters know when you have recycled the same letter time and time again. It gets filled with generic information that really wastes the reader's time. Instead, highlight what you have to offer, use verbs to express what you have actually done and grab their attention with examples of your achievements.
  • "Avoid being.... too much." If you look desperate, you will be seen as over the top, OTT or just a little bit of a nutter. We definitely want to avoid this as much as we can by focusing on what you have done and how this transfers to what you will be doing in the new role.

What should be included in cover letters? 

The structure of the document should be broken down into three sections.

  1. Introduction
  2. Main statement
  3. Conclusion

The introduction should be a brief first paragraph that clearly identifies the job you are applying for and a statement about your personal qualities that makes your application worth reading. This paragraph confirms to the reader that you have indeed read the position advertisement and have an idea of what the position entails. You really don't need to include where you saw the job advertisement as this is no longer relevant in today's digital world. When you apply for a job, the recruiter will be notified of which platform the application has come from. Whether it be Seek, LinkedIn or any other job board.

The main statement can comprise of one to three paragraphs or a paragraph and a series of bullet points. The structure of this section will depend on how much information the hiring manager has requested. In this section, you will want to:

  • Highlight the relevance of your qualifications, interests, knowledge, skills and abilities to the particular position.
  • Ensure you give some examples that demonstrate how you meet the criteria or how you would be of value to the employer.
  • Use any information you have gathered, including languages and terminology to connect you with the position and the organisation.

The conclusion section will wrap up the letter and set you in good stead for an interview. In this section, it is commonplace to:

  • Reaffirm your interest in a position
  • Engage them to read your included resume for further information - remember you want there to be no two resumes the same, so avoid using a generic resume builder robot.
  • Indicate a willingness to provide further information if required
  • State the best way to contact you to set up an interview

How can you avoid writing a general cover letter? 

The Perfect Resume team has written thousands of them for all roles, across all industries. We also have a 96% success rate of getting a candidate to an interview. Therefore, it's pretty safe to say, we have a winning formula!.

Some people make the mistake of injecting too much personality into their cover letters, or not enough. Some try to make it sound like a sales letter or worse, a love letter. These extremes are a sure way to have your cover letter put in the bin! Instead, we carefully balance a passion for wanting the position with a touch of experience and key skills. We adopt all the principles above to write an effective cover letter. Please find an example from one of our successful candidates below:

Insert organisation

Insert department

Insert date

Dear Hiring Manager,

Re: Postion Title opportunity,

insert adjectives displayed in the job advertisement employee,

I am eager to contribute to insert something relevant to the organisation you are applying for by inserting a sample of responsibilities as listed in the job description.

Recently/Currently employed as a insert position for insert company name, I perform/ed to a high standard by insert a sample of achievements. These activities have provided me with the transferrable soft skills required to insert something relevant for the company you are applying for your organisation.

Suitably qualified with a insert qualification(s), coupled with over/nearly how many years of which industry experience, I can also confirm that I possess the following qualities as required:

  • Insert a handful of statements to demonstrate you have the skills section that the employer desires

While I thoroughly enjoy/ed my current/recent role, I am now seeking a new challenge/long-term career change. Therefore, please find other experiences reflected in my enclosed resume samples to pique your interest to shortlist me for an interview.I can be contacted at or 0400 000 000 at a time of your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Your name 

If you have read the above and you still don't know where to start, email us at We can review what you have and provide some feedback so you can stop wasting your time writing generic fluff and increase your interview chances!

Alternatively, click here to purchase a cover letter update today.  

Here are 3 good reasons why The Perfect Resume Team can fast-track the period between your resignation and the first day at a new job.

  1. We have written over 3,500 resumes for people at all levels of their career, therefore, we know how to pitch your resume and skills in a credible way that doesn't make you sound egotistical or over the top.
  2. Our customers and 600+ 5-star reviews attest to our highest standards in the English language and free resume resources that come with every purchase.
  3. As a leading resume writing services company in Australia, we have been awarded for having exceptional customer service!
  4. The professional team of resume writers all love what they do and our inclusive workplace culture promotes their passion for writing. This feeds into how amazing you will sound on paper.
  5. Your professional resume writer can take the pain out of writing about yourself - they will creatively highlight your skills section and experience in a way that is tailored to the job you are applying for and helps you stand out from the rest.
  6. A good resume writing services package like ours can help you avoid common mistakes that can ruin your chances of getting an interview, such as using a generic resume builder or having a non-compliant resume format that doesn't suit applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  7. Employers respect a well-written resume and the initial investment will not only enable you to secure a new job quickly but becomes a professional resume template that you can use for the rest of your career.

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Would you like to experience the following standard benefits after having your great resume summary written professionally? You will have a:

  • Contemporary, modern design and a choice from our premium resume templates. Click here to view the gallery.
  • Well-written, compelling resume that is easy to read and helps you stand out from the rest.
  • Compliant resume ready to suit applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are used in the Australian recruitment industry.
  • Tailored cover letter to ensure the employer feels like they know you before they even meet you
  • Professionally proofread documents

Most importantly, unlike having a resume builder robot spit out boring and generic responses, you will feel confident in applying for your job applications because each line is unique, achievement-orientated and personalised for you.

To wrap this up...

If you're looking for career advice about whether you can resign from your current job in a way that increases your chances of getting a job interview at your dream job, forget free resume templates that are not ATS compliance or resume templates free from any kind of modern design. The Perfect Resume Team are here to help. Our team of career experts have written over 3,500 resumes and know how to pitch your skills and experience in a way that doesn't make you sound egotistical or over the top. We also offer a range of additional services such as professional proofreading and ATS-compliant resume formatting to increase your chances even further! To get started, take advantage of our free resume review by sending your resume to or following the link below:


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