What to do if you are made redundant

What to do if you are made redundant

Are you wondering what the process is when you have been made redundant? Do I need a solicitor for my redundancy? Is there anything that can be done to prevent being made redundant?

The Perfect Resume is a leading provider of redundancy outplacement and career services for displaced workers. We have helped thousands of people find new employment, and we’d like to help you too. We offer many different types of support for our clients, including resume writing, interview coaching, career advice, career outplacement counselling and more. Read on to learn how we can help you after a redundancy.

Career Transition – it's not the end of the world!

Are you feeling scared and alone after being made redundant? You're not the only one. Redundancy can be a scary prospect for anyone, and it's natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. Even though redundancy can be a frightening prospect, The Perfect Resume is here to help you through it.

We eliminate the need for outdated outplacement models, such as sending you to group workshops in the city and participating in mandatory outplacement training sessions, because we want to help you find new employment as soon as possible, so you can start feeling confident and optimistic again! Therefore, our contemporary outplacement solutions include many different types of support, including resume writing, interview skills coaching, and career coaching to help people find new employment.

We can assist you in every step of the process. We will help you write a resume that will stand out, coach you through tough interviews, and help you find your dream job.

Click this link to learn more about our outplacement services and how we can help you get back on your feet after redundancy.

Don't let redundancy get you down - we can help you with resume writing and help you find a new job!

Do you know what your options are once you have been made redundant? Perhaps you are wondering what outplacement support is? Outplacement support can be beneficial when you're looking for a new job. It can provide you with the resources and coaching you need to write an effective resume, ace your interviews, and find your dream job. To help you on your journey, we have answered common questions about redundancy below:

What are the 5 stages of redundancy and career transition services?

The five stages of redundancy are:

  1. An HR discussion with the exiting employee will discuss how the redundancy came about, their plans after leaving their job, and any related information.
  2. The Employee handover meeting is a meeting with colleagues to cover any outstanding work and important dates such as building maintenance or security access reminders.
  3. End of employment paperwork- when an employee leaves, it's still necessary to close payroll entries and export transactions ready for handover by another party.
  4. Company announcements for the remaining employees- notifying staff that there have been redundancies to offer counsel if required in these circumstances.
  5. Outplacement Support and assisting existing employees in transitioning to a new role – our team of experts offers outplacement support to help people like you find new employment as soon as possible. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way. Outplacement support is a particular type of support for people who have been made redundant, including help with writing a resume that stands out, coaching you through tough interviews, and helping you find your dream job.

Can you hire someone for redundancy outplacement services?

Yes, it is possible to hire someone for redundancy support. Using outplacement service providers can help you find work faster than going through the process alone.

Outplacement support is when you hire someone, like The Perfect Resume team, with experience that will aid in your transition process from being made redundant to finding new employment. This type of assistance includes things like interview coaching and resume writing and can be incredibly helpful for those looking for a better life after being made redundant. Our team of experts know the best way around difficult situations and how to overcome obstacles that have been put in your way as you look for a better life following redundancy.

What are the 3 types of redundancy?

Organisations might have to make redundancies because a company is going bankrupt, relocating, restructuring, or technological advancements. Redundancy can take many forms and can lead to insecurity, so it's natural to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your future after a redundancy.

The three types of redundancy are:

  1. Organisation bankruptcy due to competitive reasons or over globalisation
  2. Relocation or restructuring for sustainability reasons
  3. Technological advancements which eliminate the need for specific roles.

Often, you may be part of the impact of organisational change, resulting in the organisation needing to reduce existing employees.

Do I need a solicitor for redundancy?

A solicitor is just one of the ways to help with redundancy, and in its simplest form, you don't even need to use a lawyer. Generally speaking, there are only two kinds of redundancy that might require legal help - when discrimination or if a company closes down entirely.

It's important not to be intimidated by lawyers so you can find your solution without an expensive third party, who may or may not know better than you about your circumstances. You can think about who or what could help with your problem first, but as we mentioned above, sometimes all that's needed is time to pass before your issue diminishes naturally on its own.

What is outplacement? And How Does It Help with Finding New Employment?

Leaving former employees without a plan and support for transitioning to new opportunities can lead to feelings of anger, betrayal, and depression. These emotions could turn into legal risks if not managed correctly. Job outplacement services are specialists in helping redundant employees transition from their current role to the next job.

Outplacement services can provide transitioning employees with resume writing tips, interview coaching, and job-search advice. They can also help the job seeker connect departing employees with potential employers.

How to find the right Executive Outplacement Services for you

A well-executed outplacement program can help employees feel confident transitioning to new opportunities. By providing employees with the necessary resources and support, outplacement programs can minimise the risk of legal action and help maintain a positive workplace culture for those left behind. It also allows you to move forward.

Our professional team at The Perfect Resume are committed to helping staff at all levels, including executive-level employees, make their career transitions seamlessly to new opportunities. We are dedicated to being an extension of your employee assistance programs to ensure positive outcomes for both you and your company through offering:

  • An applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant resume with unlimited revisions. Available in editable Word and PDF formats.
  • A tailored cover letter focusing on the particular role emphasises their transferrable skills.
  • A complimentary cover letter template that matches the resume design. This document can be edited as necessary and includes coaching around what makes the perfect cover letter.
  • An optimised LinkedIn profile update, including research on optimal keywords and networking tips.
  • Free proofreading service for cover letters they write until they land a new job.
  • Loads of helpful guides and tips to support them on their journey.
  • 2-hour jam-packed interview hacking course that ensures they not only reach an interview but ace it to secure the job.
  • 1:1 60-minute career coaching/interview preparation session with a career coach to guide them in responding to interview questions, whether in-person, phone-based or virtually.

We can help you with the above services to ensure that you feel supported during your transition, reduce legal risks, and help you to move forward with your lives and careers after a redundancy. To view more about executive outplacement services cost, please click on the link below: https://theperfectresume.com.au/products/outplacement-services-package.

If you’re an employee who has recently been made redundant, don’t worry. You now have the opportunity to explore new options and find a better position with more significant potential for career growth.

Our team of professionals will work closely with you throughout your transition to ensure that you and your company are well supported as we help you move confidently into a future filled with success. We offer resources on how to find job opportunities, career counselling, job search activities that set you up for success, career transition support, ways to get into a hidden job market, career development, a plan to strengthen your job hunt strategy and resume writing services to ensure you can set practical career goals. Your career consultant will share career advice that helps job seekers secure job interviews, LinkedIn profile tips, proofreading resources for cover letters written until you land your first job after redundancy.

If you think this sounds like something that you could benefit from, would like to know more about our expertise in this area, or if there is anything else our career coaches can do for you during your transition from one employer to another, please reach out anytime. Please feel free to contact us today at info@ThePerfectResume.com.au or call 1300 217 374 at any time.

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